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Groups & Trainings


Since many of us were initially wounded in a group setting (e.g. our family of origin, school, church, etc.),  a safe and professionally facilitated therapy group can provide a profoundly healing experience for clients who are ready for this level of work. The groups we offer are available to clients in our practice who would benefit from participating in a confidential circle with others who desire to heal, grow and create more conscious, intentional relationships. 

The therapy group becomes a safe "laboratory" to get to know oneself on a deeper level and practice intentional, conscious communication with others, while being guided by affirming and experienced facilitators.  The circle is a place to experience healthy community, address old wounds, change outdated or destructive behavior patterns, and grow in the context of a small but diverse group of co-journeyers.  This work both supports and challenges participants to increase their self-awareness and to learn to speak their authentic voice effectively, powerfully, and intentionally in the presence of others.  A major focal point of the work is to assist each group member, as they are ready, in taking positive steps towards clarifying and fully claiming their future vision and life-calling.  

Groups are co-facilitated by Lynne and Glenn, and usually limited to 8-10 participants.  Our groups are closed, meaning that clients who participate make a commitment to attend and participate in an agreed upon number of  meetings over a number of months.  This commitment and consistency helps build a safe and nurturing environment for those in the circle to establish strong bonds and build trust over time. In this context, many have experienced, perhaps for the first time in their lives, true community, authentic and healthy relationships, and for those who have grown up or lived in dysfunctional situations, what we sometimes call "family of choice."  With over 37 years of advanced training and experience in facilitating such groups, we take the utmost care in creating a contained, confidential and powerfully healing environment for all participants. 


Our groups are offered to adults of any age, race, creed, or sexual orientation who desire a life-changing exploration and growth experience in community with others.  Included as part of each group's process is generally one or more intensive retreat experiences in which participants travel to a beautiful out of town location to recharge, reconnect with themselves and nature, and dive more deeply into their work. ​​​​


Our Men's Group is led by Glenn, with 28 years of experience in men's work. Glenn has had the opportunity and honor of training under Martin Prectal, Robert Johnson, Malidoma Some, Mathew Fox, Gay Hendricks, Henry Berne, John Bradshaw, Robert Moore, Michael Meade, and many others, but most influential of all, Robert Bly. We work intensely to define and live what it means to be a man in our relationships, in our parenting, in our careers, and in our lives. The Men's Group meets weekly, and holds bi-annual intensive retreats. We are honored to see men from our Men's Group passionately living their best lives, understanding and manifesting their purpose, leading with integrity, authenticity and intentionality. 


All of our groups are in essence  advanced leadership training.  Unlike many leadership trainings,  our groups prepare leaders from the inside out.  Participants learn to bring leadership to themselves inside themselves and to all the parts of themselves, they then naturally bring this leadership to their lives, their families, work, communities and to whatever their calling is in the world.  Our intention is literally to do our part to change the world, nothing less.  

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