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"Lynne is the best therapist I’ve ever had! I consider myself lucky that I decided to go out on a limb and make the call to set up my first appointment after feeling like I was spinning in circles with other therapists. Very grateful to finally have found a therapist that is so effective with their work. This is challenging work that is worth every second. Thank you, Lynne!!!"

"My wife and I have been seeing Glenn for nearly a decade. We initially sought out his help for assistance in recovering from post-partum issues and the resulting trauma but have maintained our relationship with him long after. I have always found Glenn to be open, honest, caring, insightful, genuine, and challenging. There is no question in my mind that Glenn has my best interests at heart and is willing to do just about anything to help me achieve my goals. The tools that he has given to me and my wife have helped us to dramatically improve the quality of our relationship and have equipped us to grow as individuals. We have recommended Glenn to a number of friends and will continue to do so with confidence in the future. As with any counseling experience, there are times that are uncomfortable and asks that are made that are outside of my daily thought patterns, but that is where the growth lives. Glenn has more than earned my trust that he will care for me through any discomfort in an effort to deliver a positive result on the other side.  -   Plus, his dogs are super cute, too!"



"Simply the best therapy experience of my life. Glenn has been instrumental in helping me overcome some of the greatest difficulties of my life. I have worked with many therapists over the years and my experience with him has been the greatest and most transformative of them all."


"My wife and I have been seeing Glenn for a little more than 2 years. I hadn’t done any therapy previously and now I can imagine my life without it. Glenn has a knack for honing in on and helping you see and heal the obstacles in your life. I think finding the right therapist is highly personal, but Glenn has been amazing for me, both in my personal journey and in my ever deepening relationship with my wife."


"I attribute much of why my life is so much better now because of the fact that I decided to start going to therapy with Lynne years ago. She is simply amazing, and I must say - because maybe it took me a bit to change some unhealthy habits - the most patient person I’ve ever met. Together, we walked through the dark times, and we always did so at the right pace: not too fast, not too slow. I quickly developed trust for her because she listened so well, and she frequently checked in to see how I was doing. She has taught me to have compassion for myself, and especially so for times of my life that once seemed daunting to embrace. We also celebrated my triumphs (emotionally and otherwise!), and I always felt safe to come as I am."


"Glenn is an amazing counselor and gives insight and wisdome as well as tools for success. I highly recommend him."


"I have worked with Glenn doing couple and individual counseling. I believe I have experienced more personal growth during the time I’ve been working with Glenn than any previous period of my life.
While supportive and compassionate he also has the ability to challenge you when needed. I find him wise, not doctrinaire and down to earth. Working with Glenn has inspired me to live life more fully and with integrity."


"We've spent years working with Glenn Dulken and have either enjoyed, been challenged by, or grown from every one of our sessions with him. Marriage counseling is often tough and uncomfortable work, but if you're looking to increase the amount of happiness in your home and love life, we can't recommend Glenn enough."


"I have been working with Glenn Dulken for three years. I find him to be well read, skillful, thought provoking, kind and very insightful. He is equal parts tough love, friend and mentor with a dash of humor at appropriate times. My life is better for the experience of meeting this man and I recommend his services without reservation to anyone who is seeking to know themselves and appreciates honest discussion of the core issues driving your behavior."


"I have been working—off and on--with Glenn Dulken for nine years.  I have participated in couples’ therapy as well as individual therapy. I know him to be an honest, kind, compassionate, but also tough (when necessary) human being.  Glenn has counseled and guided me to work through many painful challenges that have occurred during my lifetime.  For me the result has been a new found sense of strength and conviction.  I would not hesitate to recommend Glenn to anyone traveling along the road of self exploration."


"My work with Glenn has been some of the most valuable and important self discovery, personal growth, and leadership training I've ever received.   His professionalism and dedication to his work has not only been inspiring, but truly makes the world a better place."


"I’ve been working with Glenn for several years now. He helped me work through a very difficult time in my life and to continue to grow and improve myself. I find him very insightful with many tools to work through problems and improve communication both personally and relationally. I’m not sure how I would have made it through without his help. I look forward to future work with him to improve and strengthen all my relationships."


"I have known and worked with Lynne and Glenn Dulken off and on for more than 15 years.  I have engaged in both individual work as well as group therapy with both of them.  My first experiences in working with them goes back to a time when I was in an abusive marital relationship.  The Lynne and Glenn Dulken that I know are kind, loving and compassionate therapists who have often challenged me to go beyond where I thought I was able or ready to go.  The work of becoming a healthier and happier individual in difficult life situations often requires going into uncomfortable discussion and work in order to be able to grow and make the desired changes in oneself.  Lynne and Glenn lovingly lead me through these challenges and supported me along the way.  Lynne and Glenn helped save my life by pushing me to become the person I was created to be and to become strong enough to pull away from and end an unhealthy marriage.  I have gained confidence and strength beyond what I thought possible.  My journey is still not complete, but my work with Lynne and Glenn is responsible for where I find myself today!"

Noreen G

Have had many wonderful sessions with Glenn over the years but this past week got to experience working with Lynne his life partner. She is as amazing as he is at what the do🤗. Can’t recommend them enough or thank them enough for their knowledge, guidance and genuine caring for whatever your dealing with in life.

Krissa P

Lynne is an amazing therapist. My husband said she was the first therapist we’d seen who didn’t automatically take my side since she was a woman. We both felt heard and supported. She helped us save our long term marriage and to remember why we love each other.


If you are serious about changing your life or improving your relationships, these are the people and this is the process to use. It's not quick. It certainly isn't easy, but it works if you're willing to do genuine, gut-wrenching work. Things that I had long suppressed are now in their proper place. My relationships are genuine, heart-led and growing. My business is growing. My kids say I'm like a different person. I am the most centered I have ever been. Thank you Lynne and Glenn!

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